Event Details and Rules

Following on from our clubs recent visit to Gezno 2013 in Poland ( an extreme orienteering event) Stanislaw Drapala a Polish club member wishes to share this type of Event with us.

As part of our 22nd year celebrations we are going to run a two day event in the Galty Mountains. The start and finish will be based in The Kilcoran Lodge Hotel on the old Mitchelstown to Cahir road, the R639 for 2 days 9th/10th May 2015.

GPS co-ordinates for start at  Kilcoran Lodge  N52.344484, W-8.02778.

Also 1km west from M8 exit 11.

Teams and Categories

Teams of two people will compete in various categories.  Elite category 20 to 23km on first day 18 to 20km on second day. Leisure  category 17 to 19km on first day 15 to 17km on second day. The distances quoted are for a straight line between control points.

Categories as follows:  Elite Men, Elite Women, Elite Mixed. Leisure Men, Leisure Women,Leisure Mixed. Veteran Men (over 55), Veteran Women (Over 50) Juniors (Under 18 shortened course). Family (short course).


Maps for the competition will be OSI 1:50,000 down to regular orienteering maps  at 1:10,000 and 1:15,000.

Compulsory Equipment to be Carried by Team Members

All members should carry a whistle, extra water and food, a head torch, and a first aid kit. Wet gear should also be carried.

This is a Self Navigation Competition and a Compass is Required  as Mandatory Equipment.

Rules of the Competition

  • Teams are of two people.
  • Team members must start and finish together and must remain together at all times.
  • Failure to locate controls will result in a time penalty.
  • Start times are 9.00  and 10.00 for the family events on Saturday.
  • Start times are 8.30 and 10.00 for family events on Sunday.
  • A cut off time of 8 hrs will apply for day 1 and 6 hrs for day 2. Failure to complete the competition within the cut off time or to finish their event after 6pm will result in disqualification.
  • At least one working mobile phone per team.
  • GPS not allowed.
  • Teams will be self sufficient during the competition.
  • Individuals with no partner may enter and we will do our best to form teams.
  • All competitors are asked to check themselves in/out at the hotel each day before/after their event.
  • SI cards will be supplied to competitors. Competitors who have their own SI cards may use them.
  • The greater part of course will be in open country, high ground and sometimes rough terrain. For this reason Good Quality trekking boots with ankle supports are recommended.